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maximizing business value

When you’re an independent developer you are by default a full stack engineer; whether you want to be or not. Although my day job is in a full-time innovation team, I also build solutions in my spare time — apps, websites, Alexa Skills and more.

My time (and everyone else’s) is limited, so it’s really important to consider how much time to spend on each layer, frontend and backend. These considerations will have an impact on my actual architectural and design decisions.

I always start with what’s important to users.

What’s important to users
When I build an app or website (or whatever), I always begin by writing up a list of what I think is important. It probably should go without saying — the number one item is:

What I’m building actually needs to do something that t...

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best cryptocurrency to invest 2018

With the ups and downs of 2017 fading into the mist, investors look forth to a new year of opportunities. In the crypto market this best cryptocurrency to invest 2018 is especially daunting as the volatility rate has only increased and the slew of emerging ICOs is making it difficult to determine sound investment from fraud. However, there is a list of cryptocurrencies that are going to stay and grow in 2018.

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC)
Despite its rollercoaster ride of a year, Bitcoin is solid in its strove to becoming the most expernsive crypto in history. Though its future is murky by financial and economic outlooks, it will continue growing.

Cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH)
After a giant pump based largely around the false hope that Ether could overtake BTC as the number one cryptocurre...

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Дымоходы из нержавеющей стали: особенности и достоинства

На сегодняшний день весьма популярна установка дымоходов из нержавеющей стали, которые имеют большое количество достоинств. Такие изделия отвечают нормативным требованиям, а монтаж отнимет короткий промежуток времени. На рынке представлены изделия различных размеров. Купить качественный дымоход Schiedel можно в специализированных организациях.

Чем интересны изделия из нержавеющей стали?


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pure green express vancouver

So you have done your research and decided you want to give CBD oil a shot, awesome! But did you know there are several variations of CBD oil? Well in case you were unsure of what those differences are or weren’t even aware there were differences at all this article will help guide you through all the variations in type, packaging and strengths. All of these differences can affect the CBD in the product and how the CBD reacts with your body so naturally these are important details to understand when deciding which CBD oil is right for you.

There are the three main types of CBD oil that just about all CBD oil products fits into.



-Filtered (commonly the “gold” line)

These three types of CBD oil are common throughout pure green express vancouver
the market of CB...

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Популярные виды тортов

Наверное, каждый человек согласится с тем, что на любом праздничном столе всегда имеются различные вкусности. К примеру, торты – это обязательные атрибуты многих торжеств. Они классифицируются по форме, размеру, составу и т. д. По желанию клиента кулинары могут изготовить лакомства с кремом, глазурью, помадкой, мастикой. Сегодня получить торты на заказ можно в любом кондитерском магазине. Виды данной продукции перечислены ниже...

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how to make money trading bitcoin

В сопоставлении с кое-какими другими экономическими инструментами, порог входа в трейдинг биткоином невысокий. И в случае если у вас уже есть биткоины, то начать осуществлять торговлю вы сможете напрямик в данный момент. Почаще всего не потребуется практически никакой испытания и верификации, дабы начать осуществлять торговлю биткоинами, но всюдувезде по-всякому.

В случае если для вас увлекателен трейдинг how to make money trading bitcoin
биткоинами, ...

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