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So you have done your research and decided you want to give CBD oil a shot, awesome! But did you know there are several variations of CBD oil? Well in case you were unsure of what those differences are or weren’t even aware there were differences at all this article will help guide you through all the variations in type, packaging and strengths. All of these differences can affect the CBD in the product and how the CBD reacts with your body so naturally these are important details to understand when deciding which CBD oil is right for you.

There are the three main types of CBD oil that just about all CBD oil products fits into.



-Filtered (commonly the “gold” line)

These three types of CBD oil are common throughout pure green express vancouver
the market of CBD hemp oil and becoming clear on what each of them means can make for a better CBD oil experience. Lets take a closer look at each of these three types of CBD oil in detail.


This oil is typically purchased by people who are looking to get a CBD oil with all the other compounds that exist in hemp as well as CBD. We commonly see people buying this oil who suffer from anxiety issues, insomnia and other mild to moderate issues. to Raw CBD oil is exactly what it sounds like «raw». Raw CBD oil will not be processed any further than its original extraction and will contain other compounds in it such as small plant material (microscopic small) , lipids (fats) chlorophyll, and terpenes among other things as it has not been filtered. The color of this oil will usually be dark green to black and have a thick consistency. Raw will usually be the product of choice for people looking to benefit from the use of the entire hemp plant and not necessarily just cannabidiol. Raw CBD oil still has the ability to have multiple percentages of CBD and at DiscoverCBD.com you can buy “raw” types of CBD oil from a couple manufacturers in a couple of strengths and multiple sizes.